Age Of Gods


In the beginning there was Void. From out of the void came Entropy and Form. Form gave Beauty to the Sun; Entropy numbered its days. Thus came Night. Form then begot Earth, and hid it from Night so only Sun could behold its beauty. But Entropy sent the Moon, so Night could always find Earth.

Earth created Ocean to shield and protect it, but Ocean battled Earth for supremacy, and both were laid waste. Ocean was forced to give up its seas and rivers, Earth lost mountains and valleys. Great forests and deserts, shoals and reefs, grew up from out of the tumult.

Sapped of strength and will, these Old Ones grew quiet and ceded their domains to the gods. >>

Coins Of Irsa

Irsan Coinage


Dweller in the Demesne of Forms, whose lord, Uh'duh, said, 'Wisdom cannot be taught! Nobody could teach it to me!' Purple Conehead

Instruction to Keshan temple officials

If a man angers a god, the god will destroy him, his kin, and his possessions. Hence, be reverent as to the words of a god.

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