Age Of Gods


In the beginning there was Void. From out of the void came Entropy and Form. Form gave Beauty to the Sun; Entropy numbered its days. Thus came Night. Form then begot Earth, and hid it from Night so only Sun could behold its beauty. But Entropy sent the Moon, so Night could always find Earth.

Earth created Ocean to shield and protect it, but Ocean battled Earth for supremacy, and both were laid waste. Ocean was forced to give up its seas and rivers, Earth lost mountains and valleys. Great forests and deserts, shoals and reefs, grew up from out of the tumult.

Sapped of strength and will, these Old Ones grew quiet and ceded their domains to the gods.

First Generation

Over the first generation of gods reigned Una. The first act of Una was to carve up the domains of the Old Ones. That was before the gods learned the lesson of Vanity.

And they rejoiced in the Children of Earth, able to care for themselves. But the gods never heeded the warning of Man's own vanity, to be as the gods themselves, as the gods were brought low seeking to be as the Old Ones. The gods turned their backs, forgot Man and forgot the Earth.

Generation X

In time a new generation of gods came to rule the heavens. Over this second generation of gods reigned Kummarbi. He and the other Titans learned to love rule, growing satisfied. Over time they forgot their natural duties.

When Illuyanka the Dragon laid seige in Kiskilussa only the Storm God gave battle. As no other god would come to his aid Tarkus was defeated. But the Sun Goddess then defeated the Dragon by subterfuge, and freed Tarkus, who, enraged at the cowardly elder gods, deposed their king, Kummarbi.

The Children Of Heaven

The battle with the Dragon having established the order of the gods, together Tarkus and the Sun Goddess, Arinna, rule the Children of Heaven.

Against the Court of Tarkus are those who claim rule by right of blood: the Karuul Siuun. Many battles with the Children of Heaven have seen most of these imprisoned within the Earth.

The gods, tired after Kummarbi, weary from the all-consuming battles with the Fallen, would return to their natural duties.

A New Day

When the Gods again took an interest in the affairs of Irsa they found Man had raised his own up as gods. The gods brought low the mighty, and raised up the lowly. Vowing this would never happen again, the gods had learned the lesson of Vanity.