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1) Caesar & Cleopatra
Classic 2-player game from the 1990s.
Caesar & Cleopatra Caesar & Cleopatra Jones
2) Honor Of The Samurai
Honus Wagner (SS) played 17 seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates a hundred years ago. His baseball card, maybe the most valuable of all time, was recalled in 1909 because it was distributed along with tobacco; Wagner objected because he did not want to set a bad example for children (fact taken from 'Honor Of The Samurai' is a multi-player card game which has nothing to do with baseball.
Honor Of The Samurai Honus (Wagner) Of The Samurai
3) Enemy In Sight
Classic 1980s Avalon Hill card game about naval warfare in the age of sail and cannons.
Enemy In Sight Emeril In Sight
4) Risk 2210 AD
New millennium scifi chrome on a simple classic from the 1950s.
Risk 2210 AD Risk 22010 BC
5) Puerto Rico
Currently the world's #1 rated table game. These Christmas Elves replace the slav... er, 'colonists', which are little dark brown disk people in the actual game. There is some controversy over these 'colonists'. How much Whiter can you get than these Christmas Colonists?
Puerto Rico Colonists Puerto Rico Christmas Colonists
6) China
The 2 player expansion for this area control board game is called Das Duell. 'Das Duell' became 'Das Bull', as in a China ship, go figure.
China (Das Duell: 2 player version) China Das Bull
7) Enemy In Sight
Redux of this classic 1980s Avalon Hill card game. An 'emory board' is used to file fingernails.
Enemy In Sight Emory In Sight
8) Hera & Zeus
Another 2-player-only card game; has some kinship to the classic Stratego and The Challenge. She-Ra is from the 'He-Man' cartoons (1990s?). I don't know much about these cartoons, but I believe She-Ra is He-Man's consort.
Hera & Zeus She-Ra & Zeus
9) The Princes Of Florence
Currently one of the top 10 regarded board games in the world, now with one of the world's most highly regarded sitcom moms!
Princes Of Florence Princes Of Florence Henderson

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