Age Of Gods


Demesne Of Forms

Yeah, I know it's crap, but he doesn't. A rough Conceptual model is all we have at the moment. Don't speak to me of perspective, I already told you he doesn't care. Someday we'll have something cool and appropriate. Anybody know who's responsible for these visions?

Sorry, no renderings of the great, er, Lord O' Wisdom hisself, just a dancing, minion. Don't remember to breath there, and everything will work out fine.

He Talks

"Welcome to my Demesne Of Forms! I am on call. It was fortunate I was able to conceive of, and formulate, each of you. I am your Creator." He pauses to draw on his string pipe. "Let us walk awhile."

Straight from the horse's mouth! He wears blinders , you know.